Weaponized Architecture. The Impossibility of Innocence. | Léopold Lambert.


When I think of DPR-Barcelona the first thing that comes to my mind is the book Piel.Skin (2008) the first paperless architecture book. This publication is not just only a digitalized book but one of the firsts experimental web books that literally surfs along several projects with the use of coordinates in Google Maps, visualizing each one within its environment, expanding the book itself. Piel.Skin placed DPR-Barcelona as pioneers in publishing beyond the traditional boundaries of books. 


Recently DPR-Barcelona shared with me a new project:“Weaponized Architecture. The Impossibility of Innocence by Léopold Lambert (editor of the daily architectural platform “The Funambulist | Architectural Narratives“). Weaponized Architecture is an examination of the inherent instrumentalization of architecture as a political weapon; research informs the development of a project which, rather than defusing these characteristics, attempts to integrate them within the scene of a political struggle. The proposed project dramatizes, through its architecture, a Palestinian disobedience to the colonial legislation imposed on its legal territory. In fact, the State of Israel masters the elaboration of territorial and architectural colonial apparatuses that act directly on Palestinian daily lives. In this regard, it is crucial to observe that 63% of the West Bank is under total control of the Israeli Defense Forces in regards to security, movement, planning and construction. Weaponized Architecture is thus manifested as a Palestinian shelter, with an associated agricultural platform, which expresses its illegality through its architectural vocabulary. The book includes interviews with Bryan Finoki and Raja Shehadeh and has been published in paperback with Augmented Reality [AR] interaction, so the content itself will be expanded through mobile devices.  


You can preview the book on Google Books (AR content included). You can start bringing the images in the book to life: download Aurasma in your mobile device. Go to DPR-Barcelona homepage from the device where you installed the Aurasma app and click on the gif. You will access and now you are following the Aurasma group called “Weaponized”. On “Weaponized Architecture. The Impossibility of Innocence” book whenever you see an [A] next to an image, you can expand the content with the Aurasma App. (See a brief presentation of Augmented Reality interaction featured in the book here.).



Order the book.




Weaponized Architecture. The Impossibility of Innocence Author: Léopold Lambert

ISBN: 978-84-615-3702-0 | Size: 14,8 x 21,0 cms | Date: May 2012


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