Unsolicited Reviews | Makeshift : A Journal of Hidden Creativity

-“Thanks for fighting the good fight with us. We hope the words and images on the pages  that follow resonate with you.”

– Steve Daniels, Editor-in-Chief 




One glance at my Twitter timeline and I see creativeness. Here’s the theory I’ve begun to conjecture : I am following the most interesting and knowledgeable 668 669 “140 character” professional writers (mostly) on issues affecting the urban context, may these be, as redundant as it sounds, the urban context itself, art, politics, books, design, gender issues…oh! and architecture. This daily deluge of information has dwelled in my mind as the idea of “Twitter as Learning Device” (and as I write this,  I remember a pending manifesto project with Ethel Baraona on that matter! So many projects, so little time). This daily e-peruse and information audit has turned into a network of contacts with many interesting encounters in a virtual level, and just sometimes, I get lucky enough to meet and greet, personally , these subjects of overflowing ideas. BUT not always my fortuity cataracts as on last Saturday morning. I travelled last Friday to Mexico City to meet for the first time the crew with whom I will be collaborating ( along with La Periferia ) and working side by side for an upcoming exhibition ( my first exhibition in my country, yes I am smiling right now at the monitor) at the end of this year , which point of departure is my Master degree thesis. But whenever I go to The Great Tenochtitlán, I always exploit my time to its best. I make as much appointments as the traffic allows me. So, in three days,  I made just two. (I should know better, I lived there 21 years…) 


On Saturday morning, on my second appointment, I found myself having breakfast (read coffee and chilaquiles) with Myles Estey, Senior Editor with Makeshift Magazine -slash- street market connoiseur. It doesn´t end there. As we were having breakfast,  he made a pause, left his cup of coffee in the tiny plate and said he had something for me. I received an amazing gift : Makeshift analog issues: No. 03 – Resistance: Creative Opposition, No. 4 – Communication: Scattered Signals and the newest  No. 5- Celebration: Merry Making.  I was thrilled (I am still). Aside from the impeccable work of Santos Henarejos , the curated content is superb. For the first time, I look up close to the cover of one of the magazines and noted: “A journal of hidden creativity”- the journal´s gistMakeshift then became something else. Besides being tagged as a “journal”, it is an archive of creativity-paleontological-research in landscapes where resources and regulations are scarse but ingenuity is vast and constantly put in practice for mainly survival and self-expression reasons. Each issue addresses immaculate topics around urban and rural territories with cunning approaches from all around the world. Every number contains a cartography of the global creativity´s paleontologists and seekers location. Would it be as equally interesting to have a cartography where these sublime creators and their creations are located? ( Just “thinking out loud”).  One section I really enjoy reading, and this will come as a surprise to you, is the Letter from the Editor. Steve Daniels manage to make me feel Makeshift´s abrupt joy and endless passion around hidden creation-with-less in the world. He made me smile every single time with his letters. Such passion, belief and joy amassed in a project is not easy to find these days and , much less , read. Through these pages and its written pieces you can perceive a unique personality in journalism and from time to time, some pauses alternate with bits such as “The Holstee Manifesto“. The photography throughout ALL the issues is magnificent. This all brings me back to the initial. There is an undeniable air of passion and creativeness ( thanks to you) surrounding me on a virtual scale and , as I can forecast, it will start to appear more often in analog form. What a delightful affair.

*Extract from Letter from the Editor “The Resonance of Resistance”. Makeshift No. 03. 


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