I´m back …. and I have some news !

Can you believe I haven´t written in two months? In case you don´t remember,  my last post  included: THAT unsolicited review on Maskeshift Journal  ( yes, that time I had chilaquiles with Myles Estey.) In case you haven’t yet acquainted yourself with the last news on The Nomad Network ( which I usually share via my Twitter account ) , I decided to sit/slow down for a moment to share what I am currently developing/ structuring/ achieving and of course, the latter with the main purpose of inviting you to take part.
Close, Closer: The (New) Book of Questions goes Lisbon Architecture Triennale
First of all, I feel very grateful and excited because our project The (New) Book of Questions has been selected as one of the Associated Projects for the Lisbon Architecture Triennale starting on September the 12th. With the headline “Close, Closer” the upcoming edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale will “put forward an alternative reading of contemporary spatial practice. For three months chief curator Beatrice Galilee and curators Liam YoungMariana Pestana and José Esparza Chong Cuy will examine the multiple possibilities of architectural output through critical and experimental exhibitions, events, performances and debates across the city.” Close, Closer is already gathering national and international acclaim.  Deyan Sudjic, director of London’s Design Museum, has said: “Lisbon in 2013 promises to be essential viewing.”  So, you can imagine my excitement when our project was accepted. I want to take this time to THANK all the contributors/authors ( until now) of this book as well as those who have published about it on their blogs and websites. I am very grateful and will continue pursuing your collaboration in it !  The more,  the merrier.
Yeah baby! 
I get many inquiries on The (New) Book of Questions: Will it be published? When its the deadline? Is ANY question accepted? Do you publish every question? And I am sure there are also many more questions. I will answer now these latter questions , so all doubts are now clear and you can send me an e-mail or a tweet right now with your submission(s)! The (New) Book of Questions gets published as I receive questions. The book can be readhere. So, YES, it is published. Now, you mean ” on paper” : YES. Thedeadline to submit your questions is November the 8th. of 2013 ( this way we gather “a year of questions”). Now, Is any questions accepted? If it is related to the territory, the urban space, your city, something particular that gets you curious about your surroundings, YES … Keep your eyes open… What is intriguing there where you live? What makes you curious? Well, send that in question format. We publish all the questions. Well… ok, not all. Once I received an e-mail with the question: “Why I´m not happy?”. This didn´t make it to the book …. but if it had been the question : “Why I´m not happy when I walk in the narrow sidewalks of these city streets? “… that´s different. If you are interested on publishing yourself in the book, I invite you to read the Open Call for further details. We´ll be honored to receive your questions.
MAS Context #18 :  Improbable

Notausgang 73: Featured on MAS Context Magazine

This month, my project Notausgang 73 has been published on Chicago-based magazine MAS Context #18 :  Improbable issue.  Notausgang 73 is a project I developed during my Master Advance Studies degree in Spatial Design at ZHdK in Zürich. It is and architectural narrative that unfolds on a search of an emergency exit in an urban dictatorship in a given territory– A critique of an urban model. It was previously reviewed by Ethel Baraona Pohl on Arquine Magazine No. 59 under the title “Is it possible to escape from ruins?” ( in Spanish)  and now the narrative its published on MAS Context. Thanks a lot to Iker Gil for this opportunity. MAS Context is one of my favorite publications and now being on it makes me really happy and what makes me even MORE happy,  is to be with great company such as: Martin Abbott, Luís Santiago Baptista, Ethel Baraona Pohl, Ali Fard,Jordan GeigerChris GrimleySparkle Hayter, Lisa Hirmer, Tom James, Elina Karanastasi, David Karle, Michael KuboEva Papamargariti, Mark Pasnik, Mike Peart, Vassiliki Maria PlavouTheo Simpson, Nikos Skoutelis,Alexander Trevi, and the deliriously talented Stéphane Massa-Bidal, who is the guest cover designer. Download MAS Context #18 | Improbable here (PDF). 

My upcoming lecture at “Future Urban Mobility” Postgraduate program at Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City. 

The Nomad Network : guest lecturer at “Future Urban Mobility” Postgraduate program

In August , I will be a guest lecturer at the postgraduate program “Future Urban Mobility” at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. My lecture will have as point of departure  what we call the “informal” in cities. These settlements construe alluring urban landscapes. The latter will lead the talk into the architecture of the riots in the world : one of the most fascinating intermitent settlements from my point of view, and how citizens nowadays rather that participate in the given urban territories, occupy it and create something anew. I still don´t know if it will be on live stream, but as soon as I know the details I´ll let you know via twitter. This upcoming lecture makes me blissful because it is the first time I will be lecturing as The Nomad Network … after almost 4 years of hard work, and sharing information via several social media networks just for the pleasure of it ! Grateful and joyful, joyful !

Other Architectures: My introductory work as Creative Consultant. 

I´ve always claimed ( and also some people that know my work) to develop my professional practice beyond the traditional boundaries of Architecture. I would say that, nowadays, some of my work unfolds on the blurry limits between the territories of various creative disciplines. Recently, I received the invitation to be creative consultant / content curator  of printed & on-line media for Bandana Design in collaboration with Maja Luján ( my sister´s Fashion Consultancy business ). They were really happy with the result and I am really happy about that. At the end of this year, I will be curating an event for these two brands. Exciting new territories for me.


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