Edge Condition : On the fringe and beyond… of Architecture.

The ephemeral. It was the ephemeral that relieved that toxic everyday. A street carnival, those low budget nomadic pieces leaving trash in their wake; or, a sudden purr of an urban cat. She continued her wander. The city lay submerged in its obscure torpor, but there were a considerable amount of observers to glimpse the intrigued face of the migrant as she caressed the burghal bricks full of dirt and stories. Kids with masks chanting the unknown sparkled the streets, and the sun rays burned the buildings walls. The sun painted the town and this particular palette was unfamiliar. Her sight was blurred but she continued her journey. She began collecting them, all the most precious images ever seen: a woman knitting a chair on the sidewalk with dark, freckled skin and eyes of taciturn blue. Her hands were pale as if she had sunk them in white paint. Her moves as she knitted were so stealthy that she seemed an invisible creature. The rope she uses is thick and gritty and as she dances with it, and intertwines her arms into it some almost invisible abrasions are born. She augments her pace and she notices she is finishing and her forehead sparkles in the sun and the sun sparkles in the buildings glass. She caresses her forehead and takes a deep breath. She holds with two hands the rope, and makes a knot and smiles. 

She carefully takes the wooden anatomy and places it next to other, identical chairs, all next to each other on the side walk. The artisanal archive is facing the street. Everyone passing by ignores it. Everyone but me. From her neck hangs a Santeria necklace and she grabs it with one hand and kisses it. Marveled at her strange nature, I realize my forehead is sweating and  sparkles under that same sun. I clean it and take a wooden structure. I recognize that rope and start the next chair. And there in the street, next to my archive of wood and rope, the ones ignoring my existence, the kids with masks, the bricks and the stories, under a combination of contradictory realities, we all began to blossom.

Narrative originally Published in the article “It Always Begins with an Archive” | Edge Condition Volume 2 “Presenting Architecture”


A NEW journal with one aim: explore and question beyond the traditional boundaries of Architecture
A NEW journal with one aim: explore and question beyond the traditional boundaries of Architecture

To interrogate, question, examine, inspect: these are a few of my favorite things. Currently obsessed with looking for other people, colleagues and platforms seeking to explore beyond the traditional ( boring?) territories of Architecture , I somehow discovered Edge Condition, a bi-montlhy platform where everyone questions and Alles ist Architekture (Hollein Hans,1967). This sharply curated journal examines the vocation and the activity of those working on the Architecture profession and beyond. The Brighton-based founders and editors of Edge Condition, Gem Barton and Carla Courage , had for the first Issue a warm welcome with more than 10 thousand readers from all over the world. Recently, they released their volume two entitled: Presenting Architecture. The second issue is all about language in architecture: what we say of what we do and why and how we do it; The role of words, images, narrative, etc. in space making or space deconstructing or the in between. How do we communicate the stance we take?

From “student incompleteness” ( Yacklyn Niemiec and Jason Austin / Drexel University) to the issue of exploitation on the design field and the urgency to make a plan as a designer ( Fred Vinall); on “Being on the Edges” of conceiving space (Bruno Tonelli) to the magnificent architectural practice of Annie Atkins, this journal opens up as a space to gather new examinations, and fill those provocative gaps -that the transformation of the profession itself due to new tools and new ways of thinking- is presenting to us.

We [1] too had the honor of being published! In our article “It always begin with an Archive” we talk about archival practice and how this is the base of our architectural and space designing practice. This is also the first time we discussed about our project PLUSTANK : Cahiers of the Obscure (explore the archive here), soon to be published!


PLUSTANK : Cahiers of the Obscure | A new project by Athan Geolas and Myself featured on Edge Condition Journal.
PLUSTANK : Cahiers of the Obscure | A new project by Athan Geolas and Myself featured on Edge Condition Journal.

Do you also think Architecture practice is living a drastic transformation, or are we just noticing the changes? What about groups like Archigram? Is social media and other  new tools of communication really changing the conception of space? Are we really living on an Archi-edge?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


[1] Yours truly and Mr.Geolas


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